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We make exquisite Wedding Photography, creating the perfect images to really showcase your wedding. Presented in beautiful albums, and luxurious media your photographs will shine. With more than 10 years experience of photographing weddings, you’ll find our style is professional, unobtrusive, fun and relaxed. This is storytelling at it’s most powerful and emotional. Your wedding is all about you, your people, & where you are in time and place. Great photography pins down our experiences and defines our memory, our pictures take us travelling back through time to recapture a moment. Photographs tell us who we are, how far we’ve come and are populated with the people who make it all make sense.

Check out our short ƒotoƒilm below – 16 Photographs for 2016 – There are plenty of photos from real weddings over on our Portfolios pages too, so please do have a look.






Lydia & Andreas

Dear Jason, Just a little note from us to say t ...
January 8, 2016

Helen & Matt

  To dear Jason, We just wanted to ...
January 8, 2016

Tim & Hattie

  Our Dear Jason! Wow - we did it! ...
January 8, 2016

Mari & Sean

Dear Jason, Thank You so much for capturing ...
September 8, 2015

The Finest wedding photographers in Surrey

Jason Alexander Leaman

An experienced and trusted wedding photographer working in the UK. Loved by his clients and renowned for creating beautiful wedding memories, his key principles are grounded in simplifying the experience and focussing on high quality output.

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Our Approach

We want you to have the best experience on a day when it’s hard to even catch your breath. We want your photographs to truly represent who you are, together, and with the people you love. We want to be unobtrusive and discrete.

Technically we can elevate your wedding photographs to a level that really showcases a natural and authentic personality. Being a part of your life, if only for a short time yet having such a significant impact is truly a privilege.

The Core Package

Our Core Package Collections are designed to simplify your wedding photography from the moment we first start talking. It’s a comprehensive, yet entirely flexible approach to your wedding photography booking, highly focussed on innovative products that just make sense. We understand budgets and put you in control from the get-go.

There isn’t a wedding package that can match our service, our standards, our quality, or our value.


Years of working with extremely talented bookbinders and designers means that we can be proud to offer a range of books and products that you just can’t get anywhere else. Elegant & bespoke and creatively flexible ensuring you get an incredible High quality keepsake that will be a fitting part of your life story. We feel strongly that having a beautifully tactile document of your wedding is a crucial element of what we do and we offer the best that the market has to offer and some really great options unavailable anywhere else.


I’ve enjoyed being the top Wedding Photographer at Loseley Park and over the last 10 years have become a mainstay at the venue. I’m also widely known as the Photographer at Northbrook Park, the Photographer at Pennyhill Park, as well as being a wedding photographer at Gate Street Barn, photographer at Ramster Hall, And before Clandon Park burned to the ground I was really their Principle Photographer too. Although based in Surrey as a busy full time professional Wedding Photographer, Alexander Leaman Photography is also well established and known as amongst the best wedding photographers in Hampshire, as well as taking commissions as a Photographer in Sussex, and a Photographer in Dorset, Berkshire, and much of the south of the UK. I’ve been found dancing on the tables of high energy and low key London Wedding receptions, and have been known to fly to destination weddings on occasion too.