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Hi! Thanks for dropping by – it’s a busy world and we really appreciate you taking the time to check us out.
Finding the right photographer for your wedding can feel like a challenge. It has to be perfect every time, and we’ve built a strong business based on a core passion to make your wedding story exactly that.
High quality photography is the centre of everything we do. We’ll always be hard at work on the technical side of things, but our approach is so much more than simply turning up with a camera.
You get one chance to get the photographs that will stand the test of time.
Getting it so right and enjoying the process is the fun part. We want you to have a good time & we deliver natural and high quality photography. You need it to be the absolute best it can be without compromise and that’s what we do.
Life. Love. Everything. We genuinely believe that there is no greater luxury in life than the pursuit of the things that make us happy.
Capturing your wedding is all about giving you the attention you deserve and upholding that philosophy. Recording your moment in time. Marking your point in history.


Getting to know about you and what makes you tick is an important part of getting this right.
It’s  about revealing your story and it’s inherent value, and respecting your investment and trust in us.
We’re based in Surrey and we’re flexible – we’ll always travel to where you are to be part of an amazing wedding!
Your wedding is all about you, your people, & where you are in time and place. We make it easy for you to get high quality photography with all the products you need and no stress.
Our style is natural & friendly with a thoughtful approach that matches your story and personality to some great photography.
What we do is tell the most amazing stories that are the proof of life and stand the test of time.
We produce the ultimate keepsake for you to take with you as a mark and pinpoint in time.
If what we do is what you’re looking for, then we’d love to work with you and catch up on all of your wedding plans.
Getting up and running couldn’t be easier – just get in touch by eMail or call Jason on 07738 413 599.



Wedding Pricing

We want you to have the best experience on a day when it’s hard to even catch your breath. We want your photographs to truly represent who you are, together, and with the people you love. We want to be unobtrusive and discrete.

Weddings are the core of our business and we do weddings well! 

Incredibly high standards are met from the easy-going booking process to the wedding day itself and beyond, and our services are extremely competitively priced. Everything has been thoughtfully designed to give you the definitive bespoke services you deserve and the highest quality products you can have.  


The Newborn Sessions

With our newborn photography we set out to do something a little different. With an emphasis on natural expression we want your baby to look like themselves without over cutesy’ing the shoot.

It’s a fine balance of set up pictures and also a more natural and slightly softer lifestyle approach that our clients really love. 

It’s a great price too – an all inclusive package that gives you as much as we can without forcing you into spending more money. One fee covers the session, a print and the digital files, and no hidden costs. Check out our prices by clicking on the picture and see what’s included. 


Ideas & Inspiration

We are Jason (Alexander) and Carrie – a husband and wife team with well over 10 years of experience in Wedding Photography. We have a very modern take on running our business and we really love what we do. Our goals are creative, and all about connecting with our clients in a meaningful way. We’re always working hard on projects and refining our services, and getting out there to you, our ideal client.

We want to make your Wedding the absolute best that it can be, and we want to simplify the process so you can just enjoy the experience with no stress. We work hard behind the scenes just so that you can be as laid back as you like! Our services are a luxury product, but built to be inexpensive and as inclusive as you will get. Check in to the blog to find out more about what we’ve been up to.

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